Claratal Stud Namibia

July 2014

Claratal Stud horses "high-flying" at the Namibian Championship in Dressage and Show Jumping

* Claratal Adcon Camelot is the new Namibian Showjumping Champion in the 1.10m class.
* Claratal Duneside Kiera became Vizechampion in the 90 cm class.

* Claratal Sirius won his very first show, P Dressage:
Judge Comment: VERY potential Dressage Horse!

* Linda Freyer and Chromatic won the children P Dressage and became second in the children Novice Dressage.
* Linda and Claratal Seniorita came second in a 80cm Show Jumping class.

* Claratal Serano became second at his very first show, 60 cm jumping.

January 2014
Three of our brood mares in foal, from left:
Claratal Camilla (AI Tanzpartner), reg. Trakehner mare Marienhof Amsel (AI Claratal Kalif) and reg. Trakehner mare Claratal Sari (Kenia) (AI Tanzpartner)
Queens Corner - one of Claratals Cross Country jumps! The course will be opened soon and we are looking forward to host Cross Country Clinics from January 2014.
October 2013, HQ Issue 80
CoverPicture Claratal Coctail
October 2013
Imported approved Trakehner Stallion Tanzpartner is back in Namibia at Claratal Stud for the breeding season.
He is available for fresh and chilled semen till February 2014. Interested breeders should contact Annette and Heiko Freyer of Claratal Stud.

April 2013
HQ Magazine Issue 74, Article "Vorsprung durch Technik" - Information on the Trakehner in Europa and RSA

December 2012
Sphinxblick 3 Phase Event
Annette Freyer on Claratal Seniorita (by Sir Chamberlain)
October 2012
Gymkhana Club Windhoek
Henner and Malte Freyer
September 2012
Linda Freyer riding Claratal Chiara

April 2012
Mother and daughter attending a Jumping Clinic with Martin Minette, hosted by Kapps Stables.
Horses: Claratal Seniorita and Nevada.

Update March 2012!!!
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September 2011
Farmers Weekly
After a very successful season at Claratal Stud Tanzpartner is now in South Africa at Larane Trakehner Stud.
Claratal Brentano won the SHOW CLASS at the Johannisburg Durby!
Claratal Chiara got a 4th place in the 80 cm class at the Kapps Stables Jumping Tournament.

Auas View Tournament
August 2011

Henner Freyer won the leadrein-class on Pony Daisy and
Linda Freyer is the winner of the Riding Ability Test on Claratal Chiara.

September 2010
The Trakehner Verband officials Mrs. Marika Werner and Dr. Elke Soechtig visit Claratal Stud for the registration of Trakehner foals.
Six fillies and one colt where registered and branded with
the famous moose antler .

picture right :
f.l. Mrs Marika Werner and Dr. Soechtig

October 2010
Import from Germany

The Trakehner stallion "Tanzpartner" arrives at Claratal Stud and will be available for the coming season. Tanzpartner is owned by Claratal Stud Namibia and Larane Trakehner Stud in Bulwer, Suedafrika.

Tanzpartner for Africa
It's no secret that we're "international". But our latest adventure was intruiging, even for us! Together with Erhard Schulte and Stephanie Herken-Wendt from Gestüt Majenfelderhof in Germany, we sold the approved Trakehner Tanzpartner to Africa! Congratulations dear Jodi, Annette and Heiko, the new owner partnership from South Africa and Namibia that acquired this 2005 son of another former TI Sales Horse: the FEI dressage stallion Schiffon *Ps* (bred in Denmark, approved and competed in Germany, now at home in the US). Tanzpartner's dam is famous Tanzstunde II by EH Hohenstein out of SPS,PS+ES Tänzerin V by EH Consul, a maternal half sister of the three elite stallions and top sport horse sires EH Tuareg, EH Tivano and EH Tenor. Tanzpartner, who was approved in Germany in 2007, has one (championship winning) foal crop on the ground and passed a his 70 day test - with especially good scores for his show jumping and cross country performance. We are very happy for Team Majenfelde, who will have Tanzpartner for training until his quarantine starts in the summer, and we wish you, Jodi, Annette and Heiko, all the best and hopefully many many years with your new stallion!!

Nissan Easter Festival 2010

The Namibian showjumping equipe won Gold and the Namibian Dressage Team Silver at the Nissan Easter Festival 2010.
Part of the teams: Claratal Sherpa and
Claratal Camelot.

September 2009
Claratal has been transformed into a film set for a documentary on German Colonies. Seen on the photographs are the horses Claratal Chianti, Camaro, Giovanni, Salierie and Amaryllis. The farmhouse, two workers as well as several cows and chickens were also casted for an acting role. The documentary will be broadcasted on German television, ZDF in March 2010.
June 2008
Stud Show Namibia
Claratal Ampere WINNER Category COLTS

January 2008
We are happy to announce that after a long journey our Trakhener Stallion Bellini Go arrived from Germany on the 29 th of January at Claratal Stud. Bellini Go settled in very well and fell in love with our mares already.
June 2006
With the only clear jump at a hight of 1,71 m Claratal Salto (Fullbrother to Claratal Staccato) won the Highjump competition in Windhoek under South African rider Brendae Kock.
September 2007
Claratal Kenia
wins the "Namibian Ridinghorse Championchips"

June 2007
NWHS Central
inspection and Stud Show
Reitgemeinschaft Klein Windhoek, Avis

Amongst the first six mares three are breed by Claratal Stud and three of the best four mares are Königsruf granddaughters.


August 2006
"Der Trakehner" Magazine, Issue 8/2006 - page 59

Trakehner mare KENIA winner in Namibia
The Trakehner mare KENIA by Sir Chamberlain out of Sheherazade II by Königsruf, bred by Family Freyer, Claratal Stud, showed a high degree of athletic combined with strong movement and show jumping talent.
She convinced at the annual Studbook registration of the Namibian Warmblood Association with type and general impression. The jugde, directed by Heinrich Heernke from hannoverschen Zuchtverband, Germany, scored the three year old mare with the overall mark of 7,94.

Kenia is the winner of a total of more then 40 three and four year old mares of Hannoveraner, Holsteiner, Trakehner and English Thoroughbred descent.
The Freyer Family, breeder of Trakehner horses in Namibia since 20 years, was overjoyed. The imported Stallion Königsruf from Insterruf was one of the main keys in Claratal Studs breeding concept.

Meanwhile semes from Germany are imported as well. The closed cooperation with Gestüt Vogelsangshof, Gestüt Gorlo, Gut Elmarshausen as well as the cooperation and the support of the Haupt- and Landesgestüt Marbach make such success even in far away Namibia possible.

HQ Issue 19, July/Aug 2004 "Diamonds and Deserts - the Namibian Warmblood "

HQ Issue 8/2002 Poster: Warmblood stallion, Claratal Staccato
Farmer´s Weekly, 30 July-3 Aug. 2001: "Namibian sporting horses for Kyalami "
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