Claratal Stud Namibia
A place called Haris

Kurt Schmerenbeck named the farm after his wife, Clara - Claratal.
However, long before the place was known as HARIS and was originally used as meeting point for livestock dealers, because of the well in the riverbed. Haris was situated at the border area between Hereros and Namas and therefore unoccupied from both sides. Because of the stable political situation a construction was build to make the breeding of livestock possible. Even before the government of the protectorate sold land to the settlers a farm business was established at Haris. The property was bought in 1896.

Horses from the Cape Colony

Due to the increasing need of horses for the military troops and settlers, mares from the Cap Colony were imported to Haris, which was known as a island free of Horse sickness.
The Owner, a keen rider and coachman, kept the best mares for him self and started breeding with the kind of stallions nowadays known as Boerperd. Two stallions were imported from East Prussia and passed there Types on for years. The horses were reputed for their toughness.


Because of the owners interest in horse racing he imported the first Thoroughbred stallions from England and Germany from 1926 on.

In chronological order: Poplin, Nero, Lord Bill, Flying Quail, Riposte, Velvet Mist and Top Secret as well as the Thorougbred mare Royal Cherry. At the same time Voigtland bought "Mona Lisa" a Monty daughter.

(Text: Kurt Schmerenbeck 1970/71 )

After 1975 the Thorougbreds were moved to Marienhof Stud. Marienhof had a sound base of English Thorougbred stock.
To produce bigger horses with more pronounced movement and quiet temperament, the Trakehner stallion "Königsruf" was imported and used from 1984 to 1991. His son “Jolly Joker” and the Thoroughbred stallion “Military Song”, which produced several SA Showjumping winners followed him.

After Mr. van Alten´s retirement he made the horses over to the Freyer Family, the new owners of Claratal and so finally the horses and the Königsruf Bloodline came back home to CLARATAL STUD.

Claratal today
GTV inspectors visit Claratal Stud in Namibia on an annual basis to inspect and register the foals and perform the mare inspections necessary to be able to breed registered purebred Trakehner horses.
Claratal Stud in Namibia and Larane Trakehner Stud in SA are the only studs in Africa who have Lifetime Licensed and GTV approved Trakehner stallions, a requirement necessary to be able to breed GTV approved and Studbook I broodmares.